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August 29, 2006

Jackson-Assad Caption Contest

OK Viewers... fill in the blanks! What do Jesse Jackson and Bashar Al-Assad have to say to each other? Enter as often as you like. The best entry will be posted, and the contest winner will get a one-year free subscription to "View From Above" (and a special recognition)! You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Submissions will be accepted until... they stop coming in. Employees of "View From Above" are ineligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.

August 28, 2006

Armitage Wins Contest, Downplays Article

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In what the Democratic Underground called an obvious attempt to divert attention from his involvement in the Valerie Plame affair, former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage today announced the creation of the first annual "Uncle Fester Look-Alike Contest", and then proceeded to take first place. The radical Move-On.org denounced the contest as a "stunt" that was designed to evoke in Americans fond memories of the fun-loving avuncular character from "The Addams Family" TV series, while down-playing his truly sinister nature.

In an article entitled "The Man Who Said Too Much", Michael Isikoff reported in the September 4th, 2006 issue of Newsweek magazine that Richard Armitage was the original source for Robert Novak's piece outing Valerie Plame. Isikoff also reported that Armitage had told Bob Woodward of Plame's identity in 2003, and that special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald investigated Armitage's role "aggressively," but did not charge Armitage with a crime because he "found no evidence that Armitage knew of Plame's covert CIA status when he talked to Novak and Woodward."

"I talked to Novak and Woodward regularly", said Armitage. "They enjoyed pretending to be part of the Addams Family cast. Bob Novak liked to play Lurch (he's pretty stiff you know). And Woodward liked to play the unsuspecting neighbor that came to the front door. It was loads of fun!"

Armitage had no comment on the Isikoff article in Newsweek.

August 19, 2006

Looney Liberal of the Week: Anna Diggs Taylor

DETROIT, MI -- This week's award goes to U.S. District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor of the Eastern District of Michigan, for her ruling on Thursday that the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program ("TSP") is unconstitutional. Seeing as how she has few details on the program, she has been forced to render her opinion on the basis of hearsay, assumption, and political ideology. Her ruling is short on brilliance and long on ranting. The following quote is from an editorial in the Washington Post on Friday, which you can read in its entirety HERE...

[T]he decision yesterday by a federal district court in Detroit, striking down the NSA's program, is neither careful nor scholarly, and it is hard-hitting only in the sense that a bludgeon is hard-hitting. The angry rhetoric of U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor will no doubt grab headlines. But as a piece of judicial work -- that is, as a guide to what the law requires and how it either restrains or permits the NSA's program -- her opinion will not be helpful...

Judge Taylor said the TSP, which was created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is unconstitutional because it violates the separation of powers doctrine, as well as the First and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Taylor is apparently not a constitutional scholar, as she seems to have forgotten that the President is the Commander-In-Chief ("C-I-C"), and during a time of war has exceptionally broad powers to "provide for the common defence". Specifically, the C-I-C has full authority to gather intelligence concerning foreign powers which threaten our "domestic tranquility". As C-I-C, the President directs the military, the members of which take the following oath...

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic

The President then (as C-I-C), directs all military efforts to "defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic". The NSA TSP is a military program directed at "enemies" which may be either foreign or domestic. For more info on Presidential Authority to conduct warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, click HERE.

Taylor claims that the First Amendment is violated by the program, because it hampers journalists, scholars, lawyers and others trying to speak to sources overseas. That is simply nonsensical. The NSA program in no way hampers anyone in the United States from speaking to people overseas who are involved in discussing legitimate business or family matters. If it hampers any communication at all, it hampers only "illegitimate" or "questionable" communication, and in my opinion, that's a good thing.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson was the first to use the phrase "The Constitution is not a suicide pact" in 1949. Never more did such words apply to a legal case than to this one. According to Anna Diggs Taylor, it is more important to preserve the rights of terrorists and those who would communicate with them "unhampered", than to prevent the needless deaths of thousands of innocent American civilians. Presumably, in her opinion, the Constitution IS "a suicide pact". In her view, we must be prepared to commit suicide in order to protect the rights of foreign terrorists and their agents in this country above those of average American citizens. Either that, or she's just another partisan hack trying to use her influence to attack the Administration from the bench. Idiot!

Judge Anna Dodo-Taylor ought to go back to school for a refresher course in Constitutional Law.

August 14, 2006

Political Women

I'm sure you've all seen this before, but when I stumbled on it in my archives, I just couldn't help but post it. OK, I'm mean. So, sue me!

August 12, 2006

Looney Liberal of the Week: Harry Reid

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This week's award goes to Harry Reid for comments he made on Thursday, shortly following the disclosure that a major terrorist plot to blow up airplanes over the Atlantic ocean had been thwarted. Harry Reid is getting to be a regular in this segment. He appeared here in May and again in June. At this rate, Reid will make 'Looney Liberal of the Year' hands down.

In this current environment of bitter partisan politics, Reid decided to jump out in front of the cameras and make a statement (bashing Bush of course), just to deflect any credit the administration might receive for its role (however limited) in thwarting this terrorist plot. The Democrats are so desperate, that they cannot acknowledge even for 10 minutes that something good happened. They cannot rejoice in the knowledge that hundreds or perhaps thousands of American and British lives were saved. They cannot wait for even one day to try and find a cloudy lining behind the silver the moment.

Instead, Harry Reid immediately rushed out to make the following idiotic statement...

As a result of mismanagement and the wrong funding priorities, we are not as safe as we should be...The Iraq war has diverted our focus and more than $300 billion in resources from the war on terrorism and has created a rallying cry for international terrorists. This latest plot demonstrates the need for the Bush administration and the Congress to change course in Iraq and ensure that we are taking all the steps necessary to protect Americans at home and across the world.

Huh?? Did I miss something? I thought we DID in fact take "all the steps necessary to protect Americans at home and across the world". I mean... the terrorist plot WAS thwarted, wasn't it... or am I wrong? Would the terrorist plot have been thwarted "BETTER" if we were not in Iraq?

And who is Harry Reid kidding? If we never went into Iraq and we had $300 billion hanging around, do you think he would be spending it on counter-terrorism efforts? BWAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right! And, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Richard Barrett in his article at the link above makes a couple of humorous statements that I just couldn't ignore...

There are many wrong-headed points Mr. Reid makes in his statement that reeks of partisanship over patriotism. One is that the war in Iraq has created a rallying cry for international terrorists. Hello, McFly! International terrorists have had their sights set on America well before our second incursion into Iraq. From the suicide bombing of our Marines based in Southern Lebanon in 1983 to the 9/11 attacks, Muslim terrorists have targeted Americans for over two decades...

The party that wants to end the Patriot Act, the party that wants to kill the NSA surveillance tactics, and the party that wants to pull our troops out of Iraq, NOW, and who cries, "Uncle!" when the going gets tough, this is the party that will protect Americans here and the world over? Only the French have less fortitude than Democrats...

August 10, 2006

The Cow is Dead. Long Live the Cow!

Two of my most favorite parody sites have now gone defunct. First it was "PoopyCaca.com", and now it's "Sacred Cow Burgers". BUMMER!! What's a humor-hungry brat like me to do now? Oh well... I guess it was good while it lasted. Like they say... "Nothing is constant except change". Sheesh!

Here are Jay D. Dyson's parting comments for those of you who may have missed it...

Hello folks,

Sorry that this message isn’t a notification of a new parody, but I figure this is a necessary note to send. The long and short of it is this: after three years as Butcher of Sacred Cow Burgers, I have decided to hang up my cleaver. I figured I should let you all know why.

Foremost in the making of this decision is a very happy turn of events: I am going to be a father. My wife informed me of this miraculous news just days before Father’s Day of this year.

The responsibility of becoming a parent is not one I take lightly. In short, my waking hours are now wholly dedicated to my family in every way. Doing political parodies for Sacred Cow Burgers has been a fun hobby, but it takes up far too much of my free time and has never been intended as a source of income. Thus, I’m hanging up my cleaver and putting away the butcher’s block.

I want to thank you all for your interest in my work and especially for the outpouring of support that so many of you gave during my bout with cancer and other health issues in the past two years. I am happy to say that, thanks to your prayers, my health has vastly improved over the past six months. I now work out seven times a week and feel stronger than I have in many years past. My lungs are clear, my heart is strong, my mind is sharp, and my eyes are...well, three outta four ain’t bad.

In closing, I send my best wishes to all of you. I’ve enjoyed making parodies for you folks, and appreciated your input and support over the years. I’ve had a good run as your Butcher, but now it’s time for me to be a full-time family man. Thank you all and God bless.


Jay D. Dyson
August 2, 2006

God Bless YOU Jay Dyson! And thanks for your service. We had a good laugh with every edition. I only wish I had HALF your talent... (OK, maybe a tenth?)

August 09, 2006

The Unthinkable

TEHRAN, Iran -- "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men." The Shadow knows... and so does God. Unfortunately, neither of them are talking. But there's at least one other man who knows, and he's hinting... that is, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been hinting for some time now that he has a nuclear weapon, that he is intent on making more nuclear weapons, and that he will use nuclear weapons. He has invited America (through an 18-page letter to President Bush) to join Islam. The letter has been analyzed by various sources and confirmed by Iranian news as a "Dawah" letter. Some have interpreted this Dawah letter as a "last warning" to America prior to an attack.

Ahmadinejad has denied that the Holocaust ever happened. He has threatened to "wipe Israel off the map". He has suggested that Europe or America should offer Israel a homeland within their own borders and return the land of Israel to the Palestinians. He has made statements which are so outrageous, that world reaction has been deeply critical...

Ahmadinejad's comments were condemned by major Western governments, the European Union, Russia, the United Nations Security Council and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. Egyptian, Turkish and Palestinian leaders also expressed displeasure over Ahmadinejad's remark. The speech was interpreted by some as a call for genocide.
--Wikipedia, Ahmadinejad, "Antagonism Towards Israel"

Ahmadinejad has stated that he believes he has a divine, apocalyptic mission to usher in the "Twelfth Imam", that is, the "Mahdi". As such, he believes that he is a "prophet". Ahmadinejad believes that he can force world events so that Islamic prophecy will be fulfilled. I personally believe that he has a "Mahdi-complex" because of his very name... Ahmadi-Nejad. That would make him a certifiable "wing-nut".

According to Islamic tradition, the "Mahdi" will come at a time of extreme world chaos, and will change the world into a perfect Islamic society. Ahmadinejad believes he can personally create that world chaos. He has started on his quest by inciting the Palestinian-based Hamas and Iranian-backed Hezbollah groups to attack Israel. The current war in Lebanon is the direct result of intervention from Teheran. Ahmadinejad is fighting a proxy war against Israel, much like Hitler fought a proxy war in 1937 Spain.

But it doesn't end there. Ahmadinejad plans to create even more world chaos on August 22nd, which is now less than 2 weeks away...

On June 6, 2006, a confidential diplomatic package was presented to Iran by the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council (U.S., Britain, France, Russia and China) plus Germany, to end its nuclear programs. The package included a set of incentives, and some veiled threats (the proverbial "carrot and stick"). President Bush said publicly that he expected Iran to respond within "weeks, not months".

By June 22nd, President Bush was starting to get irritated with Iran's failure to respond to the package of incentives saying, "It should not take the Iranians that long to analyze what is a reasonable deal. I said weeks, not months." But Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke out only minutes before Bush did, that Iran would give the world an answer by August 22nd.

The question has since emerged... Why August 22nd? A number of bloggers have written on this subject, but the MSM has largely ignored it. Here are some articles you can read to learn more...

  • Why August 22?
  • Israel, Iran, and August 22nd
  • Iran Heading for Apocolypse; Why August 22?
  • Iran to Nuke Israel on August 22?
  • Ahmadinejad Plans to Light up Jerusalem Sky
  • Iranian cataclysm forecast Aug. 22
  • Ahmadinejad's 'Apocolypse Now'

  • The general direction of all these articles is that August 22nd corresponds with Rajab 27th (or 28th by some calculations) in the Islamic calendar. Rajab 27th is the day Muslims celebrate Mohammed's ascension into heaven. According to tradition, that event was accompanied by lightning, fire and lights in the sky. Is this an omen? For Muslims who seem to place special emphasis on certain dates, the allusion is troubling if nothing else. Does Ahmadinejad plan to set off a nuclear device in Israel, and thus fulfill his plan to "wipe Israel off the map"?

    Rajab 28th is apparently no better, as that is the day Muslim Saladin entered Jerusalem and conquered it.

    Or does he intend to set off a nuclear device in America -- the Great Satan? The recent news that (11) Egyptian students came to this country to attend college in Montana and immediately vanished is certainly worriesome. As of this writing, (3) of the Egyptians have been apprehended while (8) remain at large.

    Will Ahmadinejad's answer to the Western World regarding nukes be... to use one? Only God, the Shadow, and Ahmadinejad himself know what evil lurks in the heart of a man.

    August 05, 2006

    Honor A Victim of 9/11

    For those of you who have a blog, please consider joining the 2,996 Project. You can help honor the victims of 9/11, one victim at a time. I've already signed up. Look for my tribute to Neil G. Shastri this September 11th... the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

    The 2,996 Project

    The idea is simple, but powerful: have a special tribute for each victim of 9/11, with each tribute being created by a different blogger. We started 2,996 Project to coordinate the creation of the tributes, and that's what this site is all about. Here you can sign up to make a tribute yourself, on your blog (we'll randomly assign a victim to you). You can also browse or search through either the victims that have already been assigned, or those that have not -- and you can get pointers to more information on all of them.

    To join the project, click HERE, or cut and paste the following address into your browser -- http://www.jamulian.com/db911/

    Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for Viewing.