Daily Wisdom

June 03, 2011

What To Do About The Economy

On Amy Proctor's blog site, I read the following comment about the current weakness of the U.S. economy...

Can I hear 1 idea from the right winger/conservatives/republicans that would bring an immediate lowering of the unemployment rate (and by immediate i mean like within 6 months to a year). And by lower i mean back down to 4-5%.

I tried to post the following response, but for some reason I was unable to do so (must be Obama's henchmen who "View" my post as a cyber-attack. Anyway, here is my response...

Sure, I'll take up your challenge. Here we go:

First, repeal Obamacare. Since businesses have the weight of those unknown costs and regulations looming over their heads, they are scared to invest and hire because they don't know how much it's going to ultimately cost them. Uncertainty breeds fear. Fear leads investors to stay on the sidelines until they know what's going on.

Second, eliminate the corporate business tax. This is nothing but a double tax...

"There has always been considerable tension between the corporation income tax and the individual income tax, because corporations are owned, directly or indirectly, by individuals who (ultimately) receive a share of the corporations’ incomes. This can result in the same income being taxed twice..."

Stockholders are every day people, and it is they who own corporations, not just those "greedy fat cats" that liberals love to bash. Pension funds are stockholders too. When the government taxes businesses, it reduces the return on investment to the pension fund and ultimately threatens those senior citizens who rely on their pension.

It should be noted that there were no corporate business taxes in the United States until 1894. In fact, that first corporate business tax of 1894 was ruled unconstitutional. Crafty (and no doubt liberal) legislators managed to find a "constitutional" way to tax businesses in 1909. However, the United States arguably enjoyed its greatest period of economic expansion and manufacturing innovation during the period following the Civil War until the beginning of the twentieth century when the so-called "Progressives" began to influence the government (and hence, the economy).

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the "Progressives" (tongue-in-cheek), have done nothing but continually effect measures that have retarded the U.S. economy. [Please note that I am in no way suggesting that liberals are "retards", or attempting to demean people with Downs Syndrome. The word does have another meaning. If you're not familiar with it, look it up.]

In order to avoid paying the U.S. corporate tax (which at 35% is the second highest in the world only after Japan's 36% rate), businesses spend valuable time and money to look for ways to make money overseas where they are not taxed as much. These companies ship jobs overseas because they can pay less taxes on their profits, reinvest that saved money into the business, and expand their business. Too bad we can't do that in the United States.

And the really shrewd businesses set up shell companies in countries that have little or no corporate taxes and figure out how to divert their profits from the overseas operations to those shell companies and then back into the United States tax free. I know it sounds illegal, but believe me it's not. Everything they do is legit, and they only do it because they want to keep their own money.

That's right. You heard it here first. Corporations make money and it BELONGS TO THEM. It does NOT belong to the government. Corporations work hard to make their money. They invest. They innovate. They take risks. They watch their budget. They make tough decisions and hope they are the right ones. They provide REAL products and services. They do it as efficiently as they can. They WORK to earn their money.

And then the government (that paramount of efficiency) steps in and says: "Hey there. Glad you're doing so well! Please give me 35% of the money you've slaved for." On what basis can they do that? What did the government do to "EARN" that 35% confiscatory money grab... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!, that's what. It's highway robbery. The government uses its force of arms to wrest real treasure from its people. Let's just call it what it is... STEALING. And in God's eyes, stealing is a SIN. Our government is sinning against its own people. Lord have mercy on our nation.

Finally, reduce energy prices. Businesses run on energy. Businesses need electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, and everything else that's available in the energy spectrum. The cheaper these commodities are, the more efficient and profitable U.S. businesses become. When energy prices are low, businesses don't "waste" money on powering their plants. It gives them extra money to spend on other things like innovation and technology.

If you want to kill industry and jobs in this country, then just follow the example of the Obama administration. Stop all offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Do NOT under any circumstances renew the permits of oil companies to continue drilling offshore. Clamp down on the energy companies in the Gulf States and prevent them from renewing their air emissions permits as they are now structured. Be sure to impose much tougher standards on them. And while you're at it, just give $2 billion to Brazil so that they CAN drill for oil while telling them that we want to be their best CUSTOMER. And while you're at it, give some money to Mexico too so that they can drill in the Gulf where U.S. companies cannot. That seems totally FAIR.

And don't drill in ANWR. And don't drill off the coast of California (where the oil that seeps up through the seabed is worse because we are NOT pumping out the oil). And don't drill off the coast of Florida. And don't drill off the coast of New Jersey. And don't use the new "fracking" method for recovering huge amounts of natural gas that have swelled U.S. natural gas reserves to all-time highs. And don't... WELL, DON'T DO A G.D. THING.

Please make sure that this country spends billions of dollars on a Department of Energy that was established in 1979 to provide us with energy independence. We have been SO successful at weaning ourselves from Muslim oil that we should continue to fund this "glorious" epitome of epic governmental success. We are SO energy independent that... excuse me while I stick my finger down my throat.

OK... breathe... relax... calm down... rant over... OK, I'm better now (trust me). You want my short answer? OK, here it is. If you want to improve the economy in this country, then absolutely DO NOT do anything like what Obama and his idiots are doing now. End of story. Simple as that. He's an academician (and I don't mean that in a complimentary sense). He's surrounded by academicians (more so than any previous administration going back decades). They've never run businesses. They've never had to make payrolls. They've never had to lay off people. They've never had to deal with the G.D. government in a confrontational manner!

If you want to DESTROY this country, then please agree with EVERYTHING that Obama and his idiots are doing. If Obama and his friends feel that the U.S. is the cause of all the world's problems and our country needs to be "reigned in", then so be it. That's his opinion (and perhaps yours as well). But if you DON'T agree with that sentiment, then DON'T keep electing these jerks and their buddies. Frankly, they think you're STUPID. They think that you are USEFUL IDIOTS. "Just feed them a line and they'll take it hook-line-and-sinker".

Is that who YOU are? Is that what YOU want for this country? Don't take it any more. Go to the window, open it up and yell: "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!" And then... THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!