Daily Wisdom

November 28, 2011

Is the Eurozone Crisis being Engineered?

I am not one who is readily prone to endorsing conspiracy theories. I prefer hard, cold facts to speculation. Yet, I have been "bitten" in the past by those unsubstantiated e-mails that just sound "SOOO TRUE". Snopes, despite its real or imagined leftward tilt, has prevented me on more than one occasion from dispatching the latest e-mail rant to all my friends that just sounded too good to NOT be true.

For example, I completely reject the "911 truthers" and their allegations that 911 was an inside job. I reject the idea that aliens were stored in hangars at Roswell, New Mexico. And I reject the idea that either Elvis Presley or John F. Kennedy are still alive and living on some island in the Caribbean. I'm not sure about Osama bin Laden, but I'm pretty sure he's fish food.

Yet, I could certainly qualify - on scientific grounds - to be a global warming "denier" (or perhaps more correctly, an anti-alarmist). And I suppose I could also qualify as a "birther", but not so much on the basis of where I believe that BHO was (or was not) born, but rather because I believe that the definition of "natural born citizen" requires that both parents of any prospective Presidential candidate be born in the United States.

With that in mind, I am a bit reluctant to suggest the following hypothetical, if only for fear that it will reduce my credibility in the eyes of some from "kook" to "nutjob".

But having kept current on the Eurozone crisis, I have watched as the debt "contagion" has spread from country to country. First Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, then Italy. And now potentially Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany. I have been amazed at how the failure of the socialist welfare state in Greece could somehow bring into question the economic powerhouse of Germany. It seems to be a non-sequitur: a country like Greece that spends too much and has a lousy economy borrows money from an economic powerhouse like Germany, therefore, Germany's stability is now in question? How did that happen?

I have watched as Angela Merkel in Germany has been steadfast against the idea of a Eurobond, or the loss of German sovereignty in any way to some "supra-national" organization. That is a position that clearly resonates with the German people. And yet, in the final analysis, it seems clear that the "only hope" (or so the pundits say) for keeping the Euro from collapse, is if some greater authority (ie, the European Central Bank, the European Financial Stability Facility, or the International Monetary Fund) provides some sort of "guarantee" to prop up the Euro.

Here's where the questions begin to emerge. Why have Germany's Merkel and France's Sarkozy been so desperate to keep the Euro alive? Are the two countries so financially tied to the Euro that they could not survive if they had to go back to the German Mark or the French Franc? That seems highly unlikely. Yes, they might take a serious "haircut" on their investments if the Euro collapses, but taking on more debt from the IMF or some other supra-national agency and saddling your country with that debt seems to be a stupid way to address debt problems.

Or are Merkel and Sarkozy simply enamored with the concept of an EU, a United States of Europe? Being the biggest and richest players in the bloc gives them both inherent power over the other member nations. Merkel and Sarkozy are not merely each a head of state, but they are both a "head of states". As the old saying goes: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Or is there something else at work here? Perhaps there is a more devious source to the cause of these problems. Consider George Soros for example. Known as the man who brought down the Bank of England, Soros is the kind of man who thinks nothing of ruining a national economy for the sake of making a profit. He is also a well-known globalist who wrote a book saying that global capitalism could be "improved" by "the increasing domination of national economies by global financial markets and multinational corporations."

Don't believe me? Then go to the following link...


and then scroll down a few pages to the "Preface". You won't have to read more than a few lines to see what I'm talking about. If you keep reading, you'll be amazed at how much this man wants to do. He wants to supersede national sovereignty and institutions with international counterparts. He wants to supplement international financial markets with international "political arrangements" (page vii). This man is clearly dangerous. He is one of the wealthiest men on the planet and he has a mission. He wants a one-world government whereby he can redistribute wealth from the rich nations to the less fortunate... and he is spending his money to achieve those aims.

Is it merely a coincidence then that this Eurozone crisis might just result in all of the EU countries turning over a portion of their sovereignty to a supra-national political organization that would oversee the financial and banking system of nearly the entire European continent? I think not. We have too often heard the leftist phrase of late: "Never let a good crisis go to waste." And this is a crisis that is just too good for socialists like George Soros to pass up.

That's why I think I smell a rat. Forgive me if I'm a bit cynical, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that this whole crisis is being manipulated behind the scenes by people like Soros. Super-rich people with devious ambitions are not to be trusted under any circumstances.

Just sayin'.