Daily Wisdom

February 21, 2013

Thought of the Day: Creation vs. Evolution

Proponents of evolution, sometimes called "Darwinists" or (more correctly) "Neo-Darwinists", seem to have no solution to the conundrum created by the question: How did life begin? They seem to suggest that it must have been an "accident of chance". Some go so far as to suggest that life on earth was deposited here by catching a ride on an ancient meteorite, which only begs the question: How did life begin somewhere else in the universe?

Neo-Darwinists seem to imagine some sort of "primordial soup" of pre-life ingredients (proteins, amino acids, etc) that "somehow" by a random set of events are magically transformed into a crude life form that then evolves into everything we see around us. This is the proverbial "goo to you" scenario.

But these preachers of a godless faith (yes, evolution is a religion that requires incredible faith) have been unable to create life in the laboratory. Scientists have been working on this problem for nearly 100 years, yet they have failed to suggest any credible working hypothesis as to how life could begin from lifelessness. Indeed, all those who attempt such a quest find themselves at odds with "the law of biogenesis", attributed to Louis Pasteur, which is the observation that all living things come only from other living things. And one could reasonably argue that Pasteur was himself a scientist.

So, now for the thought of the day...

Scientists have been unable to create life in the laboratory. What does this tell us? 1) That the inability to create a credible scenario in which "abiogenesis" (that is, "life from lifelessness") can occur, casts considerable dispersion on the idea. And 2) That God must be intellectually superior to mankind, because He is the only one who has apparently been able to effectively create life, and to do so in such a wondrous myriad of variations.

But let us assume for a moment that at some point in time, mankind could in fact create life in the laboratory. What would that tell us? 1) That life CAN be created by the intervention in nature of an intelligent being. And 2) That the Bible scripture must be true which says that "God created man... in the likeness of God" (Genesis 5:1), because man would have then duplicated what God has already achieved.

Either way, God is glorified!

February 08, 2013

A Powerful Message