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August 16, 2016

Leaked Docs Suggest Obama Took Orders From Soros

Among the hacked Soros documents recently exposed by DCLeaks is a one-page summary of the "National Security and Human Rights Campaign" (NSHRC). According to the summary, the campaign "was launched in 2008 as a three-year campaign to dismantle the flawed paradigms used to justify current national security policies, and to promote progressive policies that respect human rights and the rule of law."

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? "Human rights and the rule of law" are laudatory goals, aren't they? But let's take a closer look at that first phrase, shall we? The campaign was designed to "dismantle the flawed paradigms used to justify current national security policies." In other words, the goal of the campaign was to subvert "current national security policies."

Now remember that this campaign was launched in 2008, the election year in which Barack Obama became President of United States. Therefore, the "current national security policies" that this Soros campaign was trying to subvert were those of the George W. Bush administration. As we all know, the primary national security policy of the Bush administration was the Global War on Terror abroad and keeping Americans safe here at home.

Following the attacks of 9/11, the Bush administration took major steps to improve national security. They passed the Patriot Act, established the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). They opened the detention center at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) to house foreign enemy combatants. They tasked the CIA to capture terrorist masterminds abroad for interrogation and in some cases they even practiced water-boarding to extract information from said masterminds (more politely referred to as "extraordinary rendition"). They tasked the DHS and FBI with investigating potential terrorists. They began surveillance of mosques for extremist teachings and signs of terror-prone individuals. They investigated various Islamic organizations and leaders for possible ties to terrorism. Investigations such as these led to the successful prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation, which was found to be funneling huge sums of money to known terrorist groups in the Middle East. The DHS and FBI established significant databases that connected various people and organizations to one another, which formed the basis for ongoing investigations.

The result of these actions was that the American people did not experience another terror attack on US soil for the remainder of the Bush years. And apparently, this is what the NSHRC (funded by George Soros) sought to subvert -- national security and Americans' safety -- under the guise of "human rights and rule of law."

So how did the NSHRC intend to subvert national security? The answer is clearly stated, by "dismantl(ing) the flawed paradigms" that were currently in place "to justify... national security policy." And how does one go about dismantling flawed paradigms? A "paradigm" is "a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns." To change America's "thought patterns" one must influence Americans' thoughts. And the liberal mainstream media was the Soros tool for doing just that. The NSHRC no doubt funneled money and propaganda to their media buddies to get the job done.

Apparently Soros and his NSHRC decided that American "thought patterns" in 2008 were "flawed." Why should Americans want to be safe? Why should the American government take extraordinary steps to protect its people? Why should America detain its foreign enemies? Why should American law enforcement use "profiling" when 99% of all terrorist incidents are conducted by young to middle aged men from the Middle East? Why should America prosecute criminal "front" organizations funneling money to terrorists? That's no way to think! Here's what Americans should think! The five policy goals of the NSHRC were:

1.  End arbitrary detention and the use of secret prisons, restore due process, eliminate the use of torture and extraordinary rendition of terror suspects, and close the Guantanamo Bay detention center. 
2.  Reform surveillance laws and policies to restrict warrantless and unchecked surveillance and restore broad privacy protections at the federal, state, and local levels. 
3.  Ensure that anti-terrorism laws and law enforcement activities do not target freedom of speech, association, or religious expression. 
4.  Reduce the practice of racial, ethnic, and religious profiling of Muslim, Arab, South Asian, and Middle Eastern (MASA) individuals and communities and build the capacity of MASA organizations to fight abusive national security policies disproportionately directed at them and promote the acceptance of MASA communities in American society. 
5.  Decrease government secrecy, restore strong oversight of Executive action taken in the name of national security, and expose and hold U.S. government officials and private actors accountable for abuses and violations of the law.

So that's the message the liberal mainstream media blared to the public in the run-up to the 2008 presidential election. And then Obama, once elected, made it his official policy. That's why he stopped capturing and interrogating terrorists abroad. That's why he wants to provide "due process" to people who aren't American citizens. That's why he stopped water-boarding (because it's "torture"). That's why he wants to close Gitmo. That's why he stopped surveillance on mosques and questionable Islamic organizations. That's why he had the DHS and FBI destroy all their databases that potentially connected people and organizations to Islamic terrorism. That's why he refuses to use terms like "radical Islamic extremism" or "radical Islamic terror." That's why he directed the DHS and the TSA to end "profiling of Muslim, Arab, South Asian, and Middle Eastern (MASA) individuals." That's why he "promote(s) the acceptance of MASA communities in American society." That's why he invites representatives of questionable Islamic organizations to the White House and offers others government positions. That's why he exposed the CIA officials who performed water-boarding of terrorists and threatened to prosecute them (to expose them and hold them accountable).

Obama took his marching orders directly from George Soros, the puppet-master. Too bad he didn't take NSHRC policy goal #5 to heart: "Decrease government secrecy, restore strong oversight of Executive action... expose and hold U.S. government officials (like himself and Hillary)... accountable for abuses and violations of the law." I guess Soros doesn't care about things like that when a puppet is in office.


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