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June 28, 2014

Trey Gowdy Destroys IRS Commissioner


At 7/01/2014 2:47 PM , Blogger Nick - The Survival Guru said...

Is this idiot a white house appointee?

Gave up law for Lent?
Must be a Mackerel snapper?
Can lie all he wants then go to confession?

At 7/01/2014 2:49 PM , Blogger Nick - The Survival Guru said...

Did I leave anything out?

At 7/01/2014 7:03 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Nope! I think that about covers it. (:D)

Best regards...

At 7/15/2014 3:13 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Trey Gowdy for President!

At 7/15/2014 8:20 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...


AMEN Brother!


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