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January 17, 2014

Where the Stars & Stripes, and The Eagle Fly

Hi everybody. This video is a bit dated, but its worth a second look. It just so happens that Aaron Tippin lives here in Smithville, TN, where I work. I just thought you should know that I've had the honor of having dinner with Aaron and his family. Well... to be a little more precise, I was having lunch at "Neo's Cafe" (now "Patty's Restaurant") with my boss, when Aaron and his family came in and sat down at the table next to us. Aaron's family makes a cameo appearance in the video. They seem like good, down home, Tennessee people. He's the first country music star I've ever seen up close and personal. I noticed Aaron's bus and trailer at his store yesterday, so I reckon he's goin' on the road again.

FYI. I uploaded the video in HD, so I don't know why YouTube only processed it at low res. Don't bother with full screen, but turn up the sound. Enjoy!

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