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November 10, 2012

Let's All Say "Thank You"

Well, now that the election is over and Barack Obama has been re-elected, I think that it's time for us all to give a great, big "Thank You" to the Republican Establishment, don't you? This was the candidate we HAD to have, because he was our BEST hope of winning, dontcha know.

First let's say thank you to Barbara Bush. The Grand Matriarch of the Republican Establishment since the administration of George H.W. Bush, she was one of the first to go "all-in" for Romney. She then persuaded her husband George to endorse Romney a few weeks later.

Next we have Karl Rove to thank, Barbara Bush's water boy. Rove has been all things "anti-Tea Party". First, going back to 2009, Rove dissed Rand Paul, implying that he was the only candidate who caused the Republican Establishment any "squeamishness". [Because he's not one of us?]

Then, in February 2010 he warned the Tea Party NOT to start a new political party that might compete with the Republican Party. He went even further and implied that the Tea Party was full of "cranks and conspiracy nuts". The Tea Party had to stick with him and the GOP if they wanted to "maximize their influence". [Yeah... right.]

Then, in September 2010 he dissed Christine O'Donnell. Rather than support and defend the Republican candidate, he fell into line with the Liberal MSM narrative that she was a "whacko". [And why not? She's not part of the Establishment.]

Then, in October 2010 he dissed Sarah Palin in an attempt to head off any potential candidacy on her part. [Because only HE knows who is best for us.]

Then, during the Republican primaries, in July 2011 he dissed Rick Perry before Perry even became an official candidate. In August 2011, he dissed both Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry in a single article. In October 2011 he attacked Herman Cain in order to benefit Romney, and Cain [correctly] blasted him for doing so. With Rove, it was all-Romney all-the-time.

And then we have Ann Coulter to thank. She said "Let's try a 'square' for a while". On Bill O'Reilly's 'The Factor' show, she kept asserting that Romney was the best possible candidate because he was the only one who would secure the border [before Romney started talking about comprehensive immigration reform (ie, amnesty).] She said he was the only one among the primary contenders who could win. [Uhhh... wrong.] With her cock-sure attitude, she pushed Romney over and over again.

And Bill O'Reilly (among other FoxNews anchors) chimed right in with Karl Rove and Ann Coulter. He was in the bag for Romney long before the primaries were over. In fact, it almost seemed if FoxNews management had sent out a memo to all their anchors: "Don't forget to push Romney." It was disgraceful. When Republicans moved toward Bachmann, they all pooh-poohed her. When Republicans moved towards Perry, they dismissed him. When Republicans moved toward Herman Cain, they downplayed it.

So now we have all of these wonderful people in the Republican Establishment [including FoxNews in my opinion] for the re-election of Barack Obama. Way to go guys! And in my humble opinion, none of them have any credibility any more. And that goes for Dick Morris and Michael Barone who both said Romney would win handily. And it also goes for the pollsters who said that it was all tied up in Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia [not to mention the 5 point lead for Romney in Florida only days before the election.]

I think it's time to dump all these jerks who think they know so much. It's time for Tea Party people to pull out of the Republican party and form our own party. If the Republicans want our help, then they'll just have to form a coalition with us won't they? And then maybe they'll be a little more respectful of our contribution. [Unlike the way treated us after we gave them the House in 2010.]

Frankly, I'm tired of being called a crank, a nut, a whacko, a birther and a conspiracy theorist -- especially by Republicans. I'm a citizen. I'm a constitutionalist. I favor fiscal sanity and a government that lives within its means. I hate inflation and the Federal Reserve who causes it by printing money. I believe in a smaller, less intrusive government -- the smaller the better. I believe in the United States of America. I believe that this is the greatest nation on earth, bar none. I believe in American exceptionalism and patriotism. I believe that a candidate for President of the United States should be forced to provide proof that he is in fact a "natural born citizen", not merely a "citizen" of the United States. I believe in our Founding principles. I believe in the entrepreneurs who take risks and seek to make life better for all of us. I believe that there are too many "takers" in this country, and not enough "makers". I am a Reagan conservative.

And I believe in Jesus Christ, the one and only true Son of God. I believe that He died for our sins and that there is no other way to salvation except through Him. I believe that Christianity is the only true religion and that all other religions are but mere foreshadowings or perversions of it. I believe that this country needs a spiritual awakening, a revival of Christianity. I believe we need to put God first, not the environment. I believe we need to put God first, not "social justice". I believe we need Christian brotherhood, not socialism.

If all of this makes me a crank, a nut, a whacko, a birther and a conspiracy theorist, then so be it. I'm proud to be one of them. I'm sure there are plenty of other "cranks and nuts" out there who agree with me.

And one last thing: we need candidates who have the guts to tell it like it is. They need to be passionate about their views. They need to really believe what they're preaching. We don't need any more mamby-pamby, lukewarm, moderates who are just like the Liberal Democrats. We don't need to be more like the Democrats to get votes. We need to be different. We need to tell our story clearly and distinctly. We need to able to convince people that conservatism is good and progressivism is bad. We need candidates like Ronald Reagan who lived, breathed, ate and slept conservatism 24 hours a day. We don't need the Bush, Rove, Coulter, FoxNews, Republican Establishment milk-toasts.

End of rant.


At 11/10/2012 10:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how many moderate Republicans have been trotted out and gotten beaten? Bob Dole, John McCain and now Mitt Romney. I'm getting tired of the country club Republican elistists telling the rest of us that only moderate Republicans can win against Democrats. Hmmmm, I've just witnessed three of them going down in smoke the last fifteen years.

The Republican elites need to get beat by a clue bat. And now here they are wanting to buy into open borders and amnesty when the fact of the matter the driving force behind immigrants coming to America is the entitlements and give away programs they can access once legally on shore. A new study documents that inconvenient truth. Stupid is as stupid does.

Now if allegedly mainstream Republicans actually think they can out-liberal the Democratic Party and they then think that will cause those entitlement voters to abandon real-deal liberals for Republican Democrat-Lite, Republicans are stupider than I thought.

The fact is, Romney received approximately 3 MILLION less votes than did John McCain in 2008! This reality also puts the lie to the idea that Sarah Palin was a drag on the ticket, right? What happened was the conservative evangelicals and other uber-principled conservatives sat this election out because they weren't about to vote for another "moderate", much less a "moderate" Mormon Republican. And I believe that attitude was similarly stupid since a higher principle was the defeat of the neo-Marxist Obama.

But we have to deal with the way things are, not the way we wish them to be. We also found out this election that in a broader sense, liberals hide behind the "moderate" moniker. Moderates are anything but moderate. It's a self-deception that the media is also trying to foist upon the general public to give those liberal "moderates" more credibility. Classic Saul Alinsky stuff.

But what's even more incredible to me is the level of cognitive dissonance that propelled the average Obamabot to re-elect incompetence and proven failure for four more years. This is metaphorically equivalent to the Titanic hitting the iceberg and the captain then ordering the crew to ram the iceberg again in hopes of fixing the ship.

However, Obama may move or be forced to move by Congress to the right and actually avail himself of conservative economic principles that could begin an economic recovery of sorts. This may enrage his base but what does he care, he's going to build his legacy of "moderation" on their backs! Oh, what poetic justice!

But it appears six years of Democratic control of Congress (minus two years of Republican House control) and four years of Obama may have permanently harmed our economy to the point Americans will have to settle for a "new normal" of higher prices, higher unemployement, lower quality health-care and a lower standard of living. But those on the plantation could be happier, right?

"All Hail Obama, Savior of America." And if you don't believe it now, give the national (socialist) media enough time and they'll have you believing it before Obama's four years are up!

Just sayin'.


At 11/10/2012 11:00 PM , Blogger Just call me Shelly said...

I wonder why, if Rove that he was a god-like figure (not God like), then why did he not run. Well thank God (here we go again) he did not. Regan would be so ashamed of our party. I think he may have liked Romney but he would not see him as being presidential

At 11/11/2012 12:30 AM , Anonymous McKinzie said...

The truth be told, we can thank the MSM most of all. If they had actually vetted Obama in hte first place we would not be having this discussion about his re-election. If they reported factually not one liberal would be in elected office but we all saw first hand that they did not and do not. Simple truth here folks, the inmates are running the jail

At 11/11/2012 1:18 AM , Blogger camojack said...

I sometimes wonder who's really in charge, because McKinzie (above) has an excellent point about Obama not being properly vetted...or constitutionally eligible, for that matter.

I'd be all for another political party that actually espouses conservative values instead of "Democrat Lite" Republicans, although I'm not really sure the Libertarians are the way to go, however as things stand one votes either Democrat or Republican unless they prefer to essentially waste their vote. What to do?

At 11/11/2012 10:57 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Amen brother. Except I don't think Obama EVER feels like he has to work with Republicans under ANY circumstances. Unless Boehner and the House caves in to Obama, I see at least 2 more years of gridlock, Obama blaming the GOP, and the MSM supporting him hook-line-and-sinker.

At 11/11/2012 11:01 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

I think Reagan would be simply aghast at what our country looks like now, after so few years since he left office. He was correct when he said we could lose our liberty in a single generation.

At 11/11/2012 11:13 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

"Mack", I presume? I agree whole-heartedly. We have a candidate who lied about being qualified to run for office. He is supported by a campaign staff full of Chicago thugs who think nothing about lying, cheating, intimidating and forging documents to cover for him. We have a Democratic Party that is both fully complicit in the cover-up, and will stoop to nothing less than voter fraud. [If they didn't participate in voter fraud, why would they oppose Voter ID and cleaning up the voter rolls?] And finally, as you said, we have an MSM that marches in lock-step on orders from the DNC and the White House.

It's not just the "inmates" that are running the jail... it's the "criminals".

At 11/11/2012 11:22 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Agreed. A 2-party system like ours would be hard to change, but I think that if enough people believed that a 3rd party was viable, they would join it. And when I say "viable", I don't mean that the new party would need to have a majority. They would simply need to have enough of a base that it would force the Republicans to negotiate to form a coalition. And with as many Tea Party people as there are out there, I think the Tea Party would be bigger than the GOP.

At 11/14/2012 10:09 PM , Anonymous Elroy said...

Wow! Hawkeye! You've gone past Fox News and out the other side! You have embraced every single fruitcake theory out there! A clean sweep! Congratulations!

It's bizarre that nothing which happened last week has caused you to question world view. Conservatives and, more importantly, conservative values were rejected in a landslide election, yet your reaction is MORE conservatism. Astounding!

And thats a great plan! Please,, please, work as hard as you possibly can to create a third conservative party! Really! Cleave that Right wing vote straight down the middle! I dares ya! I DOUBLE dares ya!



At 11/15/2012 7:09 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Hello Elroy,
Haven't heard from ya in awhile. Well, all the smart people said to make Romney our candidate. But they were obviously wrong, so now I guess it's time to put some "dummies" like me in charge. Vote Tea Party 2016.

(:D) Best regards...

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