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July 03, 2009

Wyoming Roundup - Part 1

Doesn't that sound like a good title for a report on my trip to Wyoming? You'd think I was out there "roundin' up" some stray cattle or somethin'. No such luck... (:D) ...Anyway, here goes. Almost all of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them...

We flew into Denver Colorado on the morning of Friday, June 26th. We had hopes of seeing the United States Mint, but were disappointed to find out that you have to make reservations for a tour more than two months in advance. Who knew...

U.S. Mint at Denver

Since we couldn't get into the mint, we decided to go to the Denver Art Museum, which was only a few blocks away. The museum was designed by architect Daniel Libeskind, the designated Master Planner of the World Trade Center Memorial Site.

Denver Art Museum

After we paid the price of admission, we were greeted by an enthusiastic elderly woman who asked us if we wanted to join her on an "architectural tour". The tour was designed to make the visitor aware of all the various architectural features in the museum. Since I'm kind of an architecture nut, we agreed. As it turned out, our tour guide gave us a lot more than just architectural info. She pointed out some of the most interesting exhibits in the museum and provided us with a unique perspective on some of the artists and the art on display there. Lasting about an hour, it was like our own personal guided tour.

As you might imagine, the museum has a large collection of Western American Art, but they also have interesting collections of African, Asian and European art as well. They have Pre-Columbian American art, and Spanish Colonial period art too. While we were in the museum a major thunderstorm rolled through the area, and since we were not equipped with slickers or umbrellas, we ended up staying in the museum a bit longer than we intended.

Pints Pub - Near entrance

When the rains let up, we decided to have an early dinner, so we went to nearby Pints Pub. Housed in a building that was constructed in 1906, the proprietors pride themselves on creating "the unique comfort and feel of an authentic British pub". I would have to agree. Having been to more than a few pubs in London, the ambiance is wonderful.

The pub is also a brewery, and of the twelve beers on the menu, eleven of them are brewed right there on the premises. I enjoyed an "Aerdale Pale Ale" which was thoroughly refreshing on a warm day. With a medium amber color and a hoppy after taste, my only complaint was that the head disappeared a bit too quickly. Mrs Hawkeye sampled the "Bitchin' Blonde", a lighter, crisper beer along the lines of a Pilsner, but with a color somewhat darker than standard Pilsner fare. No complaints according her.

Pints Pub - West Dining Room

On Saturday morning, we headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We stayed at the historic Plains Hotel, which dates to 1901...

Plains Hotel - Cheyenne, Wyoming

When we arrived, we found a Celtic festival going on in full swing. The festival was being held in the Depot Plaza directly across the street from our hotel. The Depot is a historic railroad station that has been completely renovated...

Celtic Festival at Depot - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Celtic Festival & The Wrangler - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bag-pipes fill the air - Cheyenne, Wyoming

We decided to go into the Depot to see what was going on, and found numerous exhibits displaying items of art, heritage, etc. Each of the exhibits was presented by a specific "clan". For example, there was Clan Stewart, Clan Mackay, and about ten others as well...

Inside the Depot - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Clan members in the Depot - Cheyenne, Wyoming

A portion of the Depot is dedicated to a railroad museum. Prominently featured are various photos and artifacts about the history of the Cheyenne Depot and the rail yards of Cheyenne. Apparently, Cheyenne was home to a major railroad repair facility for the Union-Pacific Railroad. There was a large "roundhouse", and several buildings alternately dedicated to locomotive repairs, box car repairs, etc. The following picture is of the original architectural drawing for the Depot which is on display in the museum...

Depot architectural drawing - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Decorated cowboy boots are on display all around the city of Cheyenne. They were supposedly part of a program to give expression to various artists. Typically they are 3 or 4 feet tall. This one, in front of the Depot is the largest one we saw, and features the "signatures" of all of Wyoming's governors...

Mrs Hawkeye & Governor Boot - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne has some good examples of late 19th century and early 20th century architecture. Newer buildings are being designed in a style that complements the historical buildings in the area...

Historic District 1 - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Historic District 2 - Cheyenne, Wyoming

In keeping with its railroad heritage, Cheyenne has some locomotives on display. The "Big Boy" was the largest steam locomotive ever built. Most were scrapped, but there are still eight remaining examples around the country today. The 1242 or "Ol' Sadie" is the oldest locomotive in Wyoming, and one of the oldest intact locomotives ever to run in the Union-Pacific fleet. It was built in 1890, and (I was amused to learn) in Patterson, New Jersey...

Big Boy 4004 - Cheyenne, Wyoming

1242 Ol' Sadie - Cheyenne, Wyoming

We also visited the Wyoming State Capitol. In front of the main entrance is a statue of Esther Hobart Morris, the first female Justice of the Peace in the United States. She is also credited with helping in the passage of Wyoming Territory's women's suffrage amendment in December 1869, but her role has been disputed. She became the first female Justice of the Peace when her predecessor resigned over the women's suffrage amendment. She later played a prominent role in the suffrage movement. Wyoming was the first state to give women the vote...

State Capitol - Cheyenne, Wyoming

State Capitol Entrance - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Esther Hobart Morris statue - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Around the grounds of the Wyoming State Capitol are some monuments including a Bison statue, a replica of the Liberty Bell, and a Bucking Bronco statue...

Mrs Hawkeye & Bison statue - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Hawkeye & Liberty Bell replica - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bucking Bronco statue - Cheyenne, Wyoming

More to come in Part 2.


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Good photos, nice documentation!
Glad you had fun, returned safely!

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cant wait to visit, great info. and phcssaliotos


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