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April 07, 2007

More Global-Warming 2007

From Accu-Weather.com:
Record-Shattering Cold Threatens Crops

A brutally cold surge of arctic air into the eastern half of the United States will easily bring record-low temperatures on Easter morning and could cause significant losses in some of the nation's most prolific agricultural areas. High pressure building toward the Southeast will bring calm winds and clear skies, which combined with the very cold air mass in place, will allow temperatures in many cities to challenge the coldest lows ever reached during the month of April. The cold will severely tax peach orchards across Georgia, and strawberry orchards throughout the Southeast. Bitter cold will also be felt throughout the wheat-growing areas of the Midwest and central Plains.

A look at the Watches and Warnings shows freeze watches and warnings extending from the Ohio Valley all the way into northern Florida. In our News Summaries, we will take a look at why the cold snap is especially dangerous to agriculture this year and the South Regional News expands on some places where record-breaking cold will be felt during sunrise services on Easter morning.

The springtime arctic outbreak will also allow for snow in areas that very rarely see wintry precipitation this late in the year. Already this morning, snow has mixed with rain in much of North Carolina, and flurries were observed as far south as Atlanta. The system that caused this rare April snowfall will scrape the Northeast coast with some additional snow on Saturday. Already this morning, moderate snowfall has fallen in Washington, D.C.. The nation's capital has not received accumulating snow in April since 2001. The East Regional News discusses the coastal storm in further detail, as well as the continuing lake-effect snow in western New York.

Wintry conditions are not restricted to the Northeast this weekend. Snow continues to fall this morning across eastern Colorado, eastern New Mexico and West Texas. Among the cities that may receive snow or sleet over the next 24 hours are Denver, Dallas, and Austin. By Sunday, this storm will slide east, bringing a chilly rain to much of the Gulf Coast.


At 4/08/2007 8:02 AM , Blogger MargeinMI said...

While it's not unusual to get snow here in April, it doesn't make it any more welcome! I'm just happy the 40-50 mph sustained wind is gone (although the snow tends not to stick when it's blowing sideways).

I confess, I raked out my gardens last week (I should know better), so it's probably all my fault. Sorry folks.


At 4/09/2007 1:25 AM , Blogger camojack said...

It's all Al Gore's fault...

At 4/09/2007 10:15 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Now, now! Don't try to take credit where credit isn't due. Trust me, we're at the end of the most recent global-warming cycle and we will soon be going into the next Ice Age. Even if it's a "Mini-Ice Age", I don't think we'll live to see the end of it. Al Gore and his ilk will be shown to be the fools they really are!

P.S.-- I'm serious by the way.

At 4/09/2007 10:16 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Funny Camo! Good one!


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