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January 30, 2007

American Soldier

Artist: Toby Keith
Lyrics for Song: American Soldier
Album: Shock'n Y'all

I'm just trying to be a father,
Raise a daughter and a son,
Be a lover to their mother,
Everything to everyone.
Up and at 'em bright and early,
I'm all business in my suit,
Yeah, I'm dressed up for success
from my head down to my boots.

I don't do it for the money,
there's bills that I can't pay.
I don't do it for the glory,
I just do it anyway.
Providing for our future's
my responsibility.
Yeah I'm real good under pressure,
being all that I can be.

And I can't call in sick on Mondays
when the weekends been too strong.
I just work straight through the holidays,
And sometimes all night long.
You can bet that I stand ready
when the wolf growls at the door.
Hey, I'm solid. Hey I'm steady.
Hey I'm true down to the core.

And I will always do my duty,
no matter what the price.
I've counted up the cost,
I KNOW the sacrifice.
Oh, and I don't want to die for you,
But if dyin's asked of me,
I'll bear that cross with honor,
'Cause freedom don't come free.

I'm an American soldier, an American.
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand.
When liberty's in jeopardy
I will always do what's right.
I'm out here on the front lines...
sleep in peace tonight.

American soldier,
I'm an American... soldier.

An American soldier. An American.
Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand.
When liberty's in jeopardy
I will always do what's right.
I'm out here on the front lines...
sleep in peace tonight.

American soldier.
I'm an American.
An American.
An American... soldier.


At 1/30/2007 8:53 PM , Blogger Nylecoj said...

I love that song but it makes my heart ache just to think of teh sacrifices.
Thank-you for posting it.

At 1/30/2007 9:01 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

It was new to me, and I thought it was just great. Had to share. God Bless.

At 1/30/2007 10:18 PM , Anonymous Hankmeister said...

Another Toby Keith song that I enjoy. It makes me angry that American soldiers and Marines are putting their butts on the line on the frontiers of freedom while do-nothing, left-wing critics here enjoy their liberties and creature comforts saying this war isn't really necessary.

Thanks for posting it, Hawkeye, along with the video

At 1/30/2007 10:28 PM , Anonymous RightWing News, Ink. said...

I like it. I like it. Great tune great words.

At 1/31/2007 1:06 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Toby Keith is a P.O.S. scumbag who's only in it for the $$$...

At 1/31/2007 6:24 AM , Blogger MargeinMI said...

Pretty harsh, Jack. Yeah, he's in it for the money like any star. He's been at the game a loooong time, and has often gone against the mainstream to do things HIS way, with much success. Heck, his latest cd is titled "White Trash with Money" against his wife's wishes! ;oP

I think he absolutely respects the troops; he's been over there many times to perform for them, and they love him.

I love him, and would go see him again. He puts on a great show.

At 1/31/2007 6:42 AM , Blogger camojack said...

I've already told you what the scumbag said and did.

Yeah, pretty harsh, indeed...

At 1/31/2007 12:52 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Yikes! I didn't mean to start a controversey... I just liked the song and the lyrics which happened to be attached to a video at YouTube.com

I don't know what this guy did or said, but I won't make any apologies for sharing the sentiment. I'm afraid that I may potentially share more such patriotic fare without doing a complete background check on the author or artist. So be it.

At 1/31/2007 6:13 PM , Blogger Beerme said...

Not being a huge fan of Toby Keith (I like the other song he did "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue", though), I am unaware of what it was he said that was so wrong. I believe he is, like a lot of the pop stars of today, only in it for the money. That's shown clearly in the music he performs-Pop Country.

If you can find the live version of Hank Williams III's song "Dick in Dixie", you'll hear a strongly worded attack on Toby Keith from a guy that ain't in it for the money (warning: very explicit language).

As for this song, it's got a great beat and I think you could dance to it...

At 1/31/2007 7:20 PM , Blogger cranky old fart said...

Any chance one of you will fill us on the Toby controversy?

At 2/01/2007 7:11 AM , Blogger MargeinMI said...

Hey, I'm not saying the guy's a saint, just that he isn't on the Dixie Chicks side of the spectrum. If he has had occasion to behave badly, I don't think it's a regular habit with him. (Which camo is referring to--an incident that a friend of his witnessed.)(And to be just a leeetle snarky here, Mr. Bust My Email Forward It's Just Another Urban Myth, but isn't the information you gave me now something heard from a friend of a friend? ;o))

But what do I know? I just like his music and lyrics, and admire his guts in sticking to his own business principles and trying to advance his music to his own benefit. (Doesn't that make him a good capitalist?) He pretty much person non-grata in Nashville these days, but his cd's are still selling like hot-cakes.

It's all good. :o)

At 2/01/2007 6:57 PM , Blogger camojack said...

One of my coworkers was working at Philly International while laid off.
(This guy apparently used to be a Toby Keith fan)

Mr. Wonderful (Toby Keith) flew in on a private jet to do a concert; when he got off the plane, visibly drunk, he began to urinate on the flight line. He said (more or less, I wasn't there, so it may not be verbatim): "this is what I think of you f***in' Yankees! I hate all of you. I'm only here to take your f***in' money."

"I'm only here to take your...money". From the horse's @$$, er, mouth.

Some have said, "well, if he was drunk..."

To which I say, "In vino veritas".

I did a web search after Beerme mentioned that Hank Williams had something to say about Toby Keith. In a number of country music reviews, I heard them call him (Toby Keith) such things as "poser", "panderer", etc.

IM[NS]HO, he's found himself a niche that resonates with the Heartland, and he's cashing in.

YMMV; I stand by my earlier statements...

At 2/01/2007 7:55 PM , Anonymous Mrs. Kajun said...

I won't weigh in on the controversy, because I am not an authority on the subject. In the past I have occasionally been very disillusioned by the actions of some whose music I really enjoyed--and some was first-hand knowledge.It definitely can change my perception of a person--though I still like the music.

As for this particular post, as well as the last one, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let's not confuse the lyrics with the person.

Thank you for the post, Bro. Hawkeye. I will enjoy any such that you put up.

P.S. And, yes, being drunk is no excuse! One is always responsible for their actions--they chose to drink.

At 2/01/2007 10:23 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

So tell me... are you upset with a Southerner who doesn't like Yankees? Or are you upset because he peed on the runway? Or both? So what's the big deal??

He got drunk in his plane on the way to Philly... he didn't want to be in Philly in the first place... he was angry with his agent for making him go to Philly... he had to pee... he said he was only in Philly for the money (not the cheesesteak sandwiches)... and if he had his 'druthers, he'd rather be in Memphis.

And the problem with this is...?? C'mon big guy, lighten up. If he had acted that way at Newark Liberty International, I don't think anybody would've raised an eyebrow. There's plenty of drunk celebrities and jerks out there. Don't take it personally.

(Of course if he peed on your shoes, then I'd take that REAL personal like.)

(:D) Regards...

At 2/01/2007 11:00 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Mrs. Kajun,
Thanks for your kind words. My only goal is to share that which I feel is important, inspirational or humorous. What I share may not always meet those criteria, but that is my goal.

Occasionally, we can find ourselves moved by someone who might otherwise be a sack of poop. In the eyes of God, I'm not far from that sack of poop.

Occasionally, I might find the inspiration to say something meaningful amongst my other idiotic ramblings and sophomoric drivel. (But I'm still not far from that sack of poop.)

It is only in the grace of God, and in the salvation through His Son Jesus Christ that I place my hope. By His blood am I cleansed. By His blood are my sins forgiven. By His blood am I removed from this sack of poop and clothed in robes of righteousness...

Not very poetic, but true nonetheless.

Best Regards to You,
and to Mr. Kajun as well...
(he's one of the wittiest people I've ever had the pleasure to read).

God Bless

At 2/02/2007 3:55 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Are you serious?!

1. They have toilets on private jets.
2. If scum boy didn't want to be up North, he could've stayed away.
3. Yes, I am SICK of losers who can't get over a conflict that took place way before they, their parents or even their grandparents were born.
(That was nearly a century and a half ago)
4. No, I will not "lighten up" about it...

At 2/02/2007 8:32 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

No. I wasn't really serious... except about the lighten-up part. My bad. Let's move on.

At 2/02/2007 10:01 AM , Blogger MargeinMI said...

Back to the subject of country MUSIC, another great song you might want to check out is "Believe" by Brooks and Dunn. It won tons of awards last year, and it moves me EVERY time I hear it.

At 2/02/2007 3:46 PM , Blogger Kajun said...

A Yankee is anyone who lives north of Cincinnati...everyone south of there is a Rebel...what's the big deal?


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