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April 08, 2006

Americans Aiding Americans

Over $1 billion has been raised for Hurricane Katrina relief. That according to Chuck Simmins who has been keeping track of such things. Chuck, you may remember was the guy who created "The Stingy List" and kept track of how much money was being donated by Americans to the Tsunami Relief effort. Well, he has done it again, and as he points out... this tally does not include any contributions for Hurricanes Rita or Wilma. To be exact, as of 4-6-06, contributions to Katrina relief totalled $1,001,333,459 excluding contributions-in-kind.

For a break-out of where the donations came from, you can go Here. To visit Chuck's main web site, just click on "You Big Mouth, You!" near the end of the Blogrolling Link List in my righthand column.

And by the way, Chuck's numbers MUST be conservative. I know that because there are dozens of Christian charities which have taken up special collections that have not been included in his list.

Thanks Chuck! Thanks for reminding us just how stingy we damn Americans really are. You're a Great American!


At 4/09/2006 3:42 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Please don't confuse this with braggadocio, but I'm pretty "stingy" myself.

And, as always, appreciate alliteration...


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