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January 01, 2006

Justice Dept. Seeks Name of CIA-Leaker

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Justice Department announced that it has begun an investigation into the name (or names) of the CIA personnel who leaked classified information to the New York Times regarding a top secret wire-tapping program. The wire-tapping has been conducted by the National Security Agency since 9/11 and has been aimed solely at suspected terrorists.

While the Justice Department did not specifically say it suspects personnel at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it seems likely that the Agency will come under intense scrutiny. Since 2003, there have been blatant covert attempts by some at the CIA to undermine the Bush administration, and they have repeatedly used the media to accomplish their subterfuge.

The CIA has been in an uproar since 2001. The agency came under attack first, for its inability to "connect-the-dots" prior to the tragic events of 9/11. Some at the CIA then apparently adopted a "bunker mentality" and became very self-defensive. They have sought to throw the blame back at the Bush administration ever since.

Then, there's "Plamegate", where Valery Plame (a CIA analyst) sent her husband (Joe Wilson) to Niger in February of 2002 to follow up on rumors that Iraq was seeking uranium there. Joe Wilson, who spent little time investigating and lots of time schmoozing, found no evidence of the rumor... and submitted a report to that effect.

In his 2003 State of the Union message, Bush announced that British Intelligence did indeed have evidence of attempted uranium purchases. This of course put Wilson and Plame in an awkward position. The implication was that British Intelligence found something that the CIA didn't find, and Wilson-Plame were primarily to blame. So Wilson-Plame retaliated with their own story that Bush had "twisted" the intelligence to exaggerate the Iraqi threat. Wilson wrote a famous Op-Ed article dated July 6, 2003 that was published in the NY Times.

When no major stockpiles of WMDs were found in Iraq, the CIA again took a beating. In April, 2004 author Bob Woodward published a book called "Plan of Attack" about the lead-up to the war. In it, Woodward revealed that CIA Director George Tenet had told Bush that finding WMDs in Iraq would be "a slam dunk". The CIA had obviously embarassed itself and the administration. Although Bush said he supported Tenet, George Tenet resigned as Director of the CIA in June, 2004 under a cloud.

George Bush appointed Porter Goss to take Tenet's place, and he was confirmed by the Senate in September, 2004. Goss has sought to "clean house" at the CIA, which has resulted in more blowback from the rank-and-file CIA bureaucrats who are apparently more interested in their own jobs than in the security of the United States.

It was no doubt CIA personnel themselves who revealed to the press, that the CIA has been holding terror suspects in secret prisons. If you read this Washington Post article, you will notice that there is an awful lot of info revealed about the CIA. Then, at the end of the article, an unnamed "intelligence official" is quoted whining and moaning. In fact, the article suggests it is a "CIA officer".

Why would I not be surprised if this investigation by the Justice Department leads straight to Langely? Go to page 2 of this article to read the following...

According to Goss' supporters, the agency has been out of control, recently leaking negative stories to the press to undermine the White House.

"The CIA has got to be kept out of partisan politics," said Stansfield Turner, who was CIA director under President Carter. "And it appears that they were leaking information to influence the (2004 Presidential) election. Porter Goss has now got a difficult problem."


At 1/01/2006 5:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

CIA and Plame used the speech, Rice, and Bush to get rid of covert CIA WMD policy and training. They fostered the war and later protested what they help create to end this policy. The war was used to prove there is no WMD and end the policy. Soviets already knew the covert university training of WMD by all OOs at CIA and Rice's relationsip to Bush. CIA and Plame leaked this after setting us up in a 'WMD War.' Everybody now agrees this is a bad policy and that was all CIA and the Plame WMD leak wanted to prove.

All the leaks started when Plame complained and there have been no indictments.

At 1/02/2006 10:35 AM , Anonymous Maggie said...

I can only say "Happy New Year"Hawkeye.Keep it on the downlow because I'm being monitored by the DNC for voting for Bush.

At 1/02/2006 12:11 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

I guess that's better than being monitored by the NSA for getting calls from al-Qaeda (:D)

Happy New Year to you too.

At 1/02/2006 12:34 PM , Anonymous blogmaniac said...

"blatant covert attempts"?

"used the media to accomplish their subterfuge"?

Sounds like an oxymoron to me.

At 1/02/2006 1:37 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Well, the post started out as a satire, but quickly became cynical.

At 1/02/2006 8:13 PM , Anonymous blogmaniac said...

Ohh! I get it... you were trying to be "somewhat humorous" again? Well, OK... I guess it was two-thirds of a PUN or something like that?

BTW, be careful what you post. The CIA is probably onto you by now. They'll be checking your socks and underwear for documents from the National Archives. Ooops! That was Sandy Berger... SORRY!

At 1/02/2006 11:37 PM , Blogger Timmer said...


Interesting theory. It would seem that the CIA is central to most of these outings, of late.

I for one would dearly LOVE to see them find this individual (or group) of traitors.

At 1/02/2006 11:41 PM , Blogger Timmer said...

By the way,

Congratulations! Just added you to my EXCLUSIVE "Ride Side" Blogroll...;-)

Better LATEE than NEVER! All the best in 2006, Hawkeye!

At 1/03/2006 8:57 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Thanks! You have a great site too! And I'm with ya on finding these traitors. Leaking classified info is a serious crime.

Keep up the good work and best wishes for 2006.


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