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September 21, 2005

Flight Lands Safely: Clean-up Begins

LOS ANGELES, CA -- JetBlue Flight 292 landed safely tonight at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with 139 passengers and 6 crewmembers aboard. Originating at Burbank, California's Bob Hope Airport, a problem occurred with the landing gear shortly after takeoff at 3:17 PM, when the nose wheel failed to retract. The plane then circled back to the airport and performed a "fly-by" of the tower so tower personnel could get a good look at the gear, which had apparently twisted perpendicular to their normal position.

By this time, only minutes after take-off, passengers were no doubt aware that there was a problem with the flight. For the next three hours the plane circled between Burbank and LAX burning off excess fuel and preparing for an emergency landing.

Televised nationally, the landing actually went much smoother than some had feared. The tires on the nose gear blew out, and for a few short moments flames flared up along the runway... but the landing gear never collapsed. The passengers were safely removed and the emergency personnel got a break.

An unnamed spokesman for JetBlue anticipates that the plane, an A320 Airbus, will
soon be back in service. The nose gear can be replaced by early next week. Replacing the 139 slightly soiled seats will take a bit longer.


At 9/21/2005 10:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9/21/2005 11:44 PM , Blogger Kajun said...

The pilot cracked 7 ribs trying to keep the nose of the plane up and melted the reverse thrusters on the engines, during landing.

Fingerprints will have to be sanded off the yoke.

At 9/22/2005 3:32 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Looks like you got spammed, Daddy-O!

But ON topic...they should buy Boeing planes instead.

At 9/22/2005 7:23 AM , Anonymous Maggie said...

God bless that jet Blue pilot.He is a hero n my book.

At 9/22/2005 9:40 AM , Blogger Libby Gone™ said...

They say the pilot was not only totally professional, but was cracking jokes to keep the passengers calm. This man is a hero!
BTW, I have a blog that doesn't include lingerie, soiled or otherwise!

At 9/22/2005 1:24 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

A real white-knuckle job... eh?

Boeing... Good! Airbus... Bad!

I agree. We have plenty of heroes in this country... No?

Libby Gone™,
Sounds like a great blog... I'll have to get over there and check it out!


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