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July 06, 2005

Letter From A Soldier

I received the following letter from a friend of mine whose sister supports the troops through an organization called Books For Soldiers. Apparently her sister communicates with quite a few soldiers and sends at least ten large boxes of books to them on a regular basis. She says that the troops hear a lot of trash talk from Al Jazeera and need to know that we support them. They are thankful when they see pictures from home of events supporting the troops, of houses with flags on them, and of people wearing support buttons and ribbons, etc. Here is the letter...

Bob and Rita,
Hope you enjoy the 4th of July and know that your freedoms are being protected every day. I want you to know that it is my honor to protect our freedoms. Thank you for the card. George L Skypeck said it best when he wrote:

I was that which others did not want to be.
I went where others feared to go,
and did what others failed to do.
I asked nothing from those who gave nothing,
and reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness...
should I fail.

I have seen the face of terror;
felt the stinging cold of fear;
and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moment's love.

I have cried, pained, and hoped...
but most of all,
I have lived times others would say were best forgotten.
At least someday I will be able to say
that I was proud of what I was... a soldier.

Take care,


At 7/06/2005 7:56 PM , Blogger camojack said...

Cassandra did a nice piece on the "no higher calling" premise of military service on her blog "Villainous Company".

At 7/06/2005 8:29 PM , Anonymous Mack said...

I remember having the same poem on a poster I bought in Okinawa in 1984. It still holds truth.

When you come home you have changed. More precise, you have been changed. Yet the people who stayed behind are still in the same little pond mentality they were in when you left. The high school reunion was the eye opener.

They talked about football games and old dances that defined the high points of their lives. I came back from serving overseas. I had lived in far away places and saw the grim reality of war while the people I went to school with were still stuck on high school.

The old addage is true. Liberals are born to go to school becuase after they graduate their lives cease to have meaning.

At 7/06/2005 8:56 PM , Blogger mig said...

Did I tell you that a gal and I started Valentines for Vets in our school. We make gift bags of candy, socks, cards and toiletries for the VA hospitals. We really enjoy it. The kids make cards for the vets. I really like it. Gives me satisfaction.
The other day I thought I am not worthy of thier sacrifice. I need to make an effort.

At 7/06/2005 9:47 PM , Anonymous Maggie said...

My licence plates read:

At 7/06/2005 10:09 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Thanks for the lead to Cassandra's piece. Enjoyed it.

At 7/06/2005 10:10 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Thanks for the E-mail with the pic of the poster. As I said in my reply, it was just as moving the second time around. Thanks again.

At 7/06/2005 10:14 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

P.S. -- Liberals never really graduate. They may be smart and get good grades.... but they just don't get it. If they really LEARNED something, they'd by conservatives!

At 7/06/2005 10:16 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

No, you never told me that about the Valentines for Vets. That's really COOL! Thanks for your service to the troops, and God Bless.

At 7/06/2005 10:20 PM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

You are SO awesome! I wish I had great license plates. Mine are more of the boring, generic type. You know... number, number, number, letter, letter, letter. How droll.

At 7/07/2005 7:12 AM , Blogger Pat'sRick© said...

Cool post. I also liked your previous one about Thompson. Clever use of the movie titles.

At 7/07/2005 9:09 AM , Blogger Hawkeye® said...

Thanks. That idea just popped out at me when I read the Yahoo! News article. It was just begging to be printed... if you know what I mean.


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