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June 21, 2005

Bolton Baseball: 2 Strikes, No Balls

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Senate Republican Baseball Team Coach Bill Frist today said that there are no plans for a third vote on cloture for John Bolton's nomination as the U.S. All-Star Player to the United Nations Baseball Team. "Right now, Bolton has two strikes against him", said Frist. "Another pitch at this point would surely lead to a strikeout".

The Democratic Team has effectively prevented the nomination of Mr. Bolton from coming to a vote by repeatedly calling "TIME OUT!" Using this tactic, the game has been stalled for weeks and most of the fans have gone home. Only a few die-hard pundits and talking heads remain watching to see what the outcome of this twelfth inning bout will be.

Right now the score is tied, no one has hit a homerun, and there are plenty of errors on both sides. Bolton is trying to get to first base, but he's got 2 strikes. I'll leave the second half of the title to your imagination.

UPDATE: It appears that Coach Frist may now actually have found some (base) balls. After a good talking to by Republican Team Manager George W. Bush, Coach Frist has reversed course and may bring Mr. Bolton's name to a third cloture vote.


At 6/23/2005 1:31 AM , Blogger Kajun said...

President Bush might as well bunt Bolton on, next week.


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