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May 26, 2005

Tax May Drain World's Top Sperm Bank

This one was so good, I'm just reprinting it verbatim from Reuters...

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The source of the world's biggest sperm bank may soon run dry if Danish authorities decide to tax donors, Cryos International Sperm Bank said Wednesday.

Denmark, with the world's highest income tax levels, wants sperm donors to pay tax on the 500 crown ($84.59) reimbursement men receive for their services.

"It is a special kind of work and therefore the fee cannot be compared to normal working income," Cryos said in a letter to the tax authorities, adding it risked losing donors, most of whom are students.

Cryos receives between 30-60 donors a day at its three branches and each year Danish men contribute to around 1,000 pregnancies around the world.


At 5/27/2005 12:00 AM , Blogger camojack said...

Give 'til it hurts, I always say...

At 5/27/2005 1:31 AM , Blogger Kajun said...

The tax should be assessed upon the end user. The rich, should pay a much higher confiscatory, rate. While Great Danes should be exempt.

Pursuit of happiness, etal should apply here.

At 5/27/2005 10:13 AM , Blogger Pat'sRick© said...

"This is a great idea. There must be something else we can tax too." - Any Random Liberal

At 5/29/2005 11:02 AM , Blogger MargeinMI said...

30-60 donors a DAY? Holy Elsie the Cow that there's a whole lot of

never mind.


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